Once you buy a new home, it’s important that you begin looking into the best ways to protect the property -and your family- from the harm that lurks about the area. Homeowners insurance is mandatory in most buying agreements and through HOA contracts, but is beneficial even when it’s not required. Rather than simply buy a policy because your contract obligates you to do so, research the options and don’t be afraid to read the fine print.

Do You Understand Your Policy?

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As many as 53% of all homeowners insurance policy holders don’t fully understand their policies. Don’t be amongst those people when it’s simple to learn the facts. Homeowners insurance is a contract with an insurance company that covers your expenses in the event of mishap on your property. A policy traditionally covers;

·    Your house or dwelling unit

·    Structures on your property such as fences, driveways and garages

·    Personal property such as power tools or electronics stolen from a vehicle

·    Additional living expenses

Flood insurance typically isn’t included in a home insurance policy. This coverage, along with several others, is sold as optional add-ons to your policy. If you live in a high risk flood area, adding this coverage may be mandatory.

A Unique Insurance Protection

Every homeowners insurance woodbridge va policy is unique from the next. Spend time comparing the options to find something that excels expectations and protects you in the event of adverse weather, break in or burglary, or other catastrophe on your property.